JWST_REFFILES: Reference File Generator Tool

The jwst_reffiles package contains a framework to organize and automate the creation of calibration reference files for JWST instruments. These reference files are used by the JWST calibration pipeline for data calibration.

There are three general stages within jwst_reffiles for reference file creation.

  1. Identification and orgnization of input files
  2. Creation of an individual reference file
  3. Combining individual reference files into a final reference file

In this documentation, we use the term individual reference file to refer to a reference file created from a single input file or group of files. For example, if a single dark current exposure can be used to create a readnoise image, then this readnoise image, onced saved in the appropriate format, is an individual reference file. Conversely, we refer to the mean readnoise image created from a stack of individual readnoise images as the final reference file.

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